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Category: Bookkeeping Basics

  • What Are Bookkeeping Functions?

    What Are Bookkeeping Functions?

    The functions of a bookkeeper may be many and varied however there are a few straightforward procedures that every bookkeeper will know about such as recording, balancing and securely filing financial transactions. Small business owners who are just starting out are often led to believe that they need to employ a bookkeeper in order to…

  • What Are Bookkeeping Principles?

    What Are Bookkeeping Principles?

    Bookkeeping principles are rules that the business accountant or bookkeeper follows in order to create accurate records of the business’s financial activities. A bookkeeping system tracks money as it flows in and out of the company in the form of income or expenses. The data generated shows you how well your business is doing. Bookkeeping…

  • What Are Bookkeeping Tasks?

    What Are Bookkeeping Tasks?

    The tasks a bookkeeper needs to do may be highly specific or they may be extremely varied. A bookkeeper’s day-to-day tasks will depend on if he is working for a tiny start up or a major global company. For instance at the very basic level the bookkeeper will need to log all incoming and outgoing…

  • What Are Bookkeeping Skills?

    What Are Bookkeeping Skills?

    What Are Bookkeeping Skills? Being a good bookkeeper means being able to represent an exact picture of the financial aspects of your business on paper or electronic files. You need all sorts of skills to become a great bookkeeper; soft and hard skills, and above all an interest in having an overview of the financial…