ACCOUNTING for Everyone

The Longest Running Online Certified Bookkeeping Course

The Accounting For Everyone Bookkeeping Course is based on the 6th edition of the book Accounting for Everyone. The Accounting for Everyone website was conceived and written by Quentin Pain.

Its purpose is to help people become bookkeepers, run their businesses more effectively or start their own bookkeeping service by really understanding double-entry and why it is the standard used for bookkeeping and accounting globally in every piece of software.

Double-entry is a great pattern that has been around in its ‘modern’ form for 600 years. The problem is, it is not easy to grasp.

However, with just some simple changes in the jargon, the whole concept falls into place.

Accounting for Everyone has helped over 12,000 people pass their bookkeeping and accounting exams, and helped many more really understand the finances of their business.

It is also the longest running online bookkeeping course in the world.

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