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So I made Accounting for Everyone, a simple 12 week course for beginners

(suitable for the United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and South Africa)

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Other courses start in the Wrong place! They start at the END and then work backwards – a little bit like double-entry!

But that’s not what happens in the real world where you’re either buying something, selling something, or moving money around.

The art of bookkeeping is to record what happens. But you’ll never see it written this way in your average text book. That’s because no one took the time to ‘translate’ what happens in business into something understandable by you and me.

They talk about gains and losses and increases and decreases – not about what’s in your bank or how much you’ve spent on travel. Real world things. Things we can follow and understand. Things we NEED to understand FIRST – way before we dig into debits and credits and balance sheets.

And that’s why in 1998 I wrote the best selling book Accounting for Everyone – the Simplest guide to Debits, Credits and Double-Entry Bookkeeping. It starts with a transaction, then tracks what happens to that transaction all the way to the balance sheet. There is a flow to everything, and that includes bookkeeping.

It’s that flow that’s lost in almost every accounting course in the world today. People who went through Accounting for Everyone were so enthusiastic, I made it into the 12 week course you see here today. Over 12,000 students have been through it so far with amazing results.

“A great course” – “I completed the course a couple of months ago, and have just come back to get certified. I passed!” – “one word from me – absolutely fantastic” 

 The SIMPLEST Solutions Are Always The Best

The original course was laid out in 12 chapters. It had a flow to it. It started with a single transaction and took it right through to the balance sheet, covering the whole process chapter by chapter. Pretty neat. But everything can be improved, and this was no exception.

I turned it into a 12 module online course complete with weekly tasks and answers. Each part of the flow was covered starting with a transaction, how that was recorded, what happened to it after that, how it ended up in the profit and loss account, and finally how it showed up in the balance sheet.

When you witness how this works, and get to do it yourself, it stays in the mind. It’s like riding a bike. Learn once and remember forever. But that can ONLY work if the method is taught in a simple and logical way.

To become a professional bookkeeper you have to know your debits from your credits. It doesn’t matter what software you use or how ‘easy’ it is claimed to be. You have no choice. It’s the way professional software works.

So I came up with a simple system to ensure you get this right every time. The most common mistakes in bookkeeping are getting your credits and debits the wrong way round and posting them to the wrong account – but the most common thing in most text books is they kick right off with that kind of JARGON. And you give up! With Accounting for Everyone, the ‘deep end’ is right where it should be – at the end, not at the start.

Using Simple English and Logic Ensures You Can Understand Every Point With Ease

  • What Are Transactions?
    The recording of the movement of money from one place to another. Every single thing in bookkeeping starts with a transaction and nothing else. Every report is derived from your original transactions. Every transaction has two sides to it. Where the money came from, and where it went to. This is what credits and debits are all about, and Accounting for Everyone shows you exactly how to get this right – every time.
  • What Are Accounts?
    Most people think that the only ‘real’ account is a Bank account, but they’re wrong. In bookkeeping, everything is an account. Accounting for Everyone shows you how to ‘get’ this concept firmly into your mind. It’s a wonderful and simple pattern and you will never go wrong once you understand it.
  • Can I Really Learn Bookkeeping?
    Yes. But only if you have the right tuition. Almost every other course on the planet is written in an academic style. You are forced to learn sets of rules – and if you forget any rule, you have to look them up again and again. Accounting for Everyone uses logic. Logic is the difference. It is the WHY of everything. Once you know why you’re doing something, it becomes easier to do.

What Is Included In Accounting for Everyone?

A step by step logical approach with examples and tasks that walk you through how professional bookkeeping is done. Each module opens with answers to the previous module – so you can check everything you’ve done and either give yourself a pat on the back for getting it right, or go through it again to see where you went wrong.

And if you did go wrong and get really stuck, that’s no problem either because you have your personal tutor on hand to answer every question you have – right there in the lesson. You can also see the questions others have asked – which will often tell you what you need to know. We update the course constantly every time we get a question, so the next member will find it even easier. We believe this is how all courses should evolve.

It’s More Than Just A Bookkeeping Course

We also wrote a simple guide to starting a bookkeeping business. This takes you step by step in setting up your own business. The key thing to running any successful business is confidence. If you’re confident about what you do, people see it immediately and start to trust you.

Confidence starts with competence, and that’s where Accounting for Everyone comes in. It will give you the competency you need to make it as a bookkeeper.

But that’s not all. Early on we discovered that people who went through the course wanted some way to prove that they had successfully completed it, and so we introduced a Basic Bookkeeping Certificate. This is an online exam you can take when you finish the course, and if you pass, you will be offered the chance to print out your own certificate (or save it as a PDF file for someone else to print out later).

And as a bonus, you can take the exam again and again until you do pass. On top of that, you also have access to the whole course for as long as you need it. So even if you’re not ready to start now, that’s not a problem. You can enrol today and start whenever you want. There’s no time limit.

What Else Do You Get?

You’ve heard plenty about Accounting for Everyone so far, but what is it? The Accounting for Everyone course is an online course giving you access to the 12 main modules, online exam, and extra bonus courses related to bookkeeping, including the Start a Bookkeeping Service mini course.

Every module includes a support area so you can ask questions that directly relate to that section of the course. You can also see the answers to other questions, so you have an extra knowledge base at your disposal.

  1.  Accessibility: the course is accessible from all devices including desktop computers, laptops, iPads, other tablets, and smart phones.
  2. Ease of Use: each module is available from a simple menu system, so you can move around the modules in any order you like. You are not locked out of anything.
  3. Who Is It For? Accounting for Everyone is suitable for almost any country in the world including UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas.

“I Passed!”

Thanks so much for this course, it has been so useful and engaging!!! I completed the course a couple of months ago, and have just come back to get certified. I passed!

Jeremy Nicholson
Accounting for Everyone founder Quentin Pain

About the Author

Quentin Pain is a former IAB Small Business Mentor of the Year and Enterprise Nation Top 10 Business Advisor. As well as 30 years in the Accounting Software industry, he is also chair of the International Copywriters Association helping business owners write better sales copy. Quentin has been featured in The Sunday Times, The Independent, The Daily Express, The Financial Times, MoneyWeek, Metro, and BBC.

Just In Case You’re Still Not Sure If Accounting for Everyone Is For You…

If you’re a seasoned professional with the paperwork and credentials to prove it, this is not for you. You already have the skills you need to get on with your profession.

If, on the other hand, you are new to bookkeeping, or you have taken a course before and failed, then Accounting for Everyone was written for you.

You Can Learn Things Parrot Fashion, Or You Can Learn Using Simple Logic…

At school, almost everything is learnt slowly through repetition. There’s nothing wrong with that provided you’re willing to put in the time. But that’s not how we do it. Instead, we show you the logic of what really happens when transactions pass through a bookkeeping system.

That way, you never forget, and if you do for some reason, we give you a set of simple rules to help you remember. For example, we use the acronym ‘ALE’ to remember the ‘Accounting Equation’, which is  Assets = Liabilities plus Equity. This will help you read any balance sheet.

  • Simple plain English and logically explained concepts.
  • Step by step learning, so you’re not chucked in at the deep end.
  • Simple tasks to complete with answers so you get to practice the lessons.
  • Downloadable PDF copy of the latest edition of the book for offline study.
  • Online exam and certification to prove you have the skills.
  • Does not cost a fortune unlike college courses or private tutoring.
  • Does not restrain you to certain times – take the course in your own time.
  • Does not include impossible to understand academic style teaching.
  • Has no ongoing costs unlike most other courses.
  • We offer a full unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Here’s What You Get when you enrol in the Accounting for Everyone online course

  • Access to the 12 module online course
  • Your questions answered
  • Online exam and certification
  • Downloadable PDF version of the book
  • Start Your Own Bookkeeping Service mini course
  • Other bonus sections and lifetime access

Start Your Accounting for Everyone Certified Online Bookkeeping Course Today – Just £49.99 ($67)

You have access to Accounting for Everyone Online for as long as you like. You can retake the exam as many times as you like. You also get a FREE downloadable PDF copy of the Accounting for Everyone book. This offer also includes FREE online certification. And there’s NOTHING more to pay – ever.

Accounting for Everyone's online bookkeeping course and guide to bookkeeping founder Quentin Pain

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it explain VAT and Sales Tax?

Yes. There is a whole section on this tricky subject, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the UK or the USA, you’re covered.

How can I get in contact?

Contact our support desk with the link below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible:

Can I use this in my country?

Accounting for Everyone is suitable for just about every country on the planet. The double-entry system is universal and the way it is applied is the same no matter where you live. It is the ONLY choice of professionals.

What if I get stuck?

You can ask questions directly within the course no matter where you are, and we will answer, usually within 24 hours (weekends excluded).

How much does the course cost?

The course costs GBP £49.99 inclusive (which is around USD $67). There is nothing further to pay.

How valid is the certification?

There is no regulation for certification in bookkeeping in most countries, so our certificate is as good as most, however, it is ONLY our certification. It is not monitored by a government body, and as such is only a certificate of your worthiness in passing our online exam.

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