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Quentin Pain’s Legendary Business Owners Program

The Legendary Business Owners Program is a new service from Small Business Mentor of the Year and founder of Accounting for Everyone, Quentin Pain.

Whilst only a few people ever qualify as being a well known celebrity, every business owner can become legendary for what they do either in their industry or in their locality.

That can happen in a number of ways including being featured in your local newspaper via press releases, guest articles or even advertising if you have the budget.

But Quentin’s Legendary Business Owners program ads a massive amount more to this very basic idea.

It starts with mentoring and training, goes into the technical side of things (think internet here) and then goes on to creating your message and how to broadcast and market that super effectively.

The thing is, all of us are legendary in one way or another, it’s just how we choose to use that that makes the difference between success and failure in business.

For a more detailed breakdown and contact details please visit Quentin’s Legendary Business Owners page.

Problems and Solutions

Many business owners stick stubbornly to their policies, claiming that it confuses staff if you give them some room to talk more freely to customers. One of the things I found to win over customers is to listen. And I mean listen carefully. They are the ones with the problem, and for some reason they chose to contact you. That means:

  • Your marketing is attracting them
  • They believe you can fix their problem

So, if when they ring, you find yourself saying: “Er, no, we don’t do that”, then it’s time to learn that your marketing is sending the wrong message, or worse, you don’t really understand the problem you think you are solving (and without a problem to solve, there is usually no business). So, if you can change, do so, and start saying YES.

I am not a fan of Alan Sugar’s management, but as he once said: I am usually right, but when 10 people are telling you you are wrong, maybe they have a point.

WInning over customers is simple if you solve their problem.