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Accounting Course

Any accounting course will take you through the basics, but to really get ahead quickly you should sign up for our 12 week accounting and bookkeeping course.

Armed with this, you will get the fundamentals of accounting firmly fixed in your memory. From simple transactions right through to the balance sheet, this accounting course and bookkeeping guide shows you what you really need to know to tackle those difficult exam questions.

Most people new to accounting struggle with their debits and their credits, ¬†most commonly getting them the wrong way round. I know this from the many seminars I give where my first question is always “if I take money from my bank, do I record it as a debit or a credit?”. All those who have never studied accounting before get this the wrong way round.

Find out how to ensure you NEVER get it wrong with our beautiful and wonderfully simple memory tricks. Pure logic you will love.

After you have completed the course you can then go on to take further courses and qualifications so you can become a qualified bookkeeper or accountant the fastest possible way.

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Online Accounting Course Basics

Any accounting course should start at the very beginning. That is, with a single transaction. This is so you can follow it through the whole accounting process easily.

Unfortunately, that’s not how most accounting courses are structured.

Instead you are thrown in at the deep end with jargon and difficult concepts.

Not least of those is that most courses talk about increases and decreases, yet in the real world, we only talk about what’s in the bank, and how much we’ve spent on expenses.

So the Accounting for Everyone Course was designed in an entirely different way.

But the most important thing of all to understand about accounting and bookkeeping is that all you are doing is tracking the flow of money.

Get that, and you will start to understand why we do this work in the first place.

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