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There are many ways of keeping your accounts (including a shoe-box!), but the preferred method, used by every trained book-keeper and accountant throughout the world, is double-entry.

Many books and courses are already available. However, most are taught from an academic view point. They tend to throw you in at the deep end and assume you will not be overcome by the tidal wave of jargon.

The Accounting for Everyone Certified Online Bookkeeping Course takes an entirely different approach. By using just a few transactions and some simple guidelines you will understand the logic of double-entry, and by the use of a few key words the jargon will fall into place.

Words like nominal, general ledger and trial balance will become second nature. You will have no problem with your debits and credits. In short, you will be able to post a journal just as easily as you can now post a letter!

By the end, you will be able to talk, and understand, the same language as the professionals – and that includes your bank manager, accountant and tax inspector.

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