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The Definitive Free Guide To Bookkeeping Part 2


This is part 2 of The Definitive Free Guide To Bookkeeping.

If you’ve not read the first part, click below:

The Definitive Free Guide To Bookkeeping For Beginners

In part 1 we touched on the 3 reasons people want to learn bookkeeping:

  1. Become a self-employed bookkeeper
  2. Do your own bookkeeping for your business
  3. Take up bookkeeping as a career

So far we’re concentrating on the first option – becoming a self-employed or sole trader bookkeeper.

Once your bookkeeping business starts to grow, there will come a time when you will have a choice to expand and take on employees.

But to make that happen, you first need to successfully market your bookkeeping business.

And in part 1, we’d just got to the point where you were having a conversation with a prospect, and how to handle that so your prospective client learns to trust you.

Showing Your Prospects The Future

We’d come to the point where you’d discovered where they were right now in life, and the next part is to start to paint a picture of how their life would change in a good way were they to pick you to become their professional trusted adviser.

In every aspect of selling, this is the most crucial. That’s because our vision of the future is always based on hope (since no one can successfully predict what will happen).

We hope we can get all we want to get. We hope we can help our families, friends, and those less fortunate than ourselves.

We hope we will have successful relationships and live a long and happy life.

We hope that we will have enough money so we never fall seriously into debt or are forced to struggle to make ends meet.

We hope that we will be secure both now and especially in the future.

These are the basic hopes 99% of all humans live by.

So if you can demonstrate that even some of the above is likely to happen should your prospect become a client, then you are more than half way there.

There are of course no guarantees, and all reasonable human being understand this, but nevertheless, you can still make promises you can keep that will also impress your prospects.

A Successful Accountancy Business

A friend of mine runs an accountancy business in Peterborough, United Kingdom.

He has an outrageous guarantee. He says that if you are not 100% satisfied in the work that his firm does, he invites you to pay only what you believe the work is worth – even if that turns out to be zero.

He started with absolutely nothing. Took on a mortgage to buy his house turned office once he had generated enough income, and some 7 years later drives around in a top spec. Range Rover (and I mean top spec. – it cost over £138,000).

Although it is an accountancy firm, like all accountants, he started with bookkeeping and first principles. You can do exactly the same thing if that’s what you want.

If you take apart what I’ve just written, you will realise I’ve just given you a perfect example of spelling out a possible future.

And best of all, I’ve backed it with a true story.

Following a simple blueprint like this will help you convert more clients than anyone who does not understand the sales process (and that in my experience is most people).

But you need to know that there is no way you can help people uncover a good future for themselves if you don’t first know what it is they are after.

That’s why you always need to be listening as deeply as you can, followed up by relevant questions about where they want to be (NOT where you want them to be).

Take a deep interest in your clients’ businesses and they will take a deep interest in yours.


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