Accounting Course

Any accounting course will take you through the basics, but to really get ahead quickly you should sign up for our free 12 week accounting and bookkeeping course by filling in the form on the right.

Armed with this, you will get the fundamentals of accounting firmly fixed in your memory. From simple transactions right through to the balance sheet, this accounting course and bookkeeping guide shows you what you really need to know to tackle those difficult exam questions.

Most people new to accounting struggle with their debits and their credits, misposting them, but worse, getting them the wrong way round. I know this from the many seminars I give where my first question is always “if I take money from my bank, do I record it as a debit or a credit?”. All those who have never studied accounting before get this the wrong way round. Find out how to ensure you NEVER get it wrong with our beautiful and wonderfully simple memory tricks. Pure logic you will love.

After you have completed the course you can then go on to take further courses and qualifications so you can become a qualified accounting the fastest possible way.

To get started just enter your name and email in the form above right and we’ll get started right away.

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    4 thoughts on “Accounting Course

    1. Susan Mackenzie

      I see your new book is available on Amazon as a download. Regarding your response above, is there a discount code we can use?



      1. Quentin Pain Post author

        According to they are offering a 25% discount with the code COUNTDOWNUK but I have no idea when that ends. Click on the lulu link on the right and see if it works for you.

        I found I couldn’t publish it on in the end without actually printing the copies myself instead of the far more tree friendly ‘print on demand’ that Lulu do, so I went that way. As far as I can see I cannot generate discount codes myself though.

    2. Syenta


      I heard mention within your video that you you produced a book called “Accounting for Everyone”. Having searched the Internet I see it is no longer available. Simply put will you be re-releasing this book perhaps even a new version.



      1. Quentin Pain Post author

        Hi Syenta, yes it will be available again on Amazon very shortly. It is a completely new edition. It will also be available as a downloadable PDF. Everyone on my course here will get a big discount off the RRP. I will send an email when it is available. Thanks for asking.


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